School Direct - Training Route

On this provider led route, Teach Northants offers practical, hands-on training and education based in a variety of local schools as well as at their Northampton training centre.

Teach Northants will recruit you as a trainee onto their School Direct course with a school in mind just for you. The School Direct course lasts a year, training in at least two schools across at least two consecutive age ranges. You will be charged tuition fees, although can apply for a bursary and financial support, such as student loans, if eligible. The tuition fee for this programme is £7,500.

School Direct is the ideal training route if you want to train and learn ‘on the job’ as the large majority of your time will be spent in the classroom, receiving intensive support from experienced teachers and mentors.

Dedicated support through the programme includes:-

  • Dedicated mentor within your placement school.
  • Extensive support from knowledgeable and experienced Programme Manager's.
  • Centre based training sessions delivered by a range of specialists. These include 10 core training days and weekly twilight training sessions.